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Cool Toys For Boys 2011

cool toys for boys 2011

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September 6th 2011 [249365]

September 6th 2011 [249365]

My giant conkers for my take on Autumn on the Sunshine Coast seeing as I have zero chance of seeing a Horse Chestnut Tree here in Australia, no one has a clue what I am on about when I talk about conkers!

I love these giant conkers, we bought them just before we left the UK at a Contemporary Craft and Design Fair at Wisley. They are made from Horse Chestnut wood and we thought they would make nice little stools for the boys.

I have always loved conkers and my favourite season in the UK is Autumn. I grew up in a house/garden with 2 huge conker trees and used to be the envy of my friends with my large conker selection, oh yes back in the day of innocence when trading conkers and chalk (that is a whole other story!) at school was the cool thing to do and not worry about the latest toy/fashion etc.

Queen of the damned

Queen of the damned

My friend Marcus took this picture of me awhile ago and I randomly decided to make a queen of the damned picture of myself lol. What you think?


My goals for 2011?

1) Get better at photoshop.

2) Learn to draw more fluid people

3) Hopefully get a boy toy. (lol)

4) Work on getting healthier

5) Make more jewelry and actually show them off.

6) Get better at swing dancing.

7) Get on flickr more.

8) get homework done faster but still very well done.

9) Get an internship in the summer

10) Rent a house with friends in the late spring.

cool toys for boys 2011

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cool toys for boys 2011

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